• Most Married Couples Struggle With Sex


    Best Sex Life Now is an online video course hosted by couples Dave & Ashley Willis and Craig & Jeanette Gross.It’s a real, honest conversation about sex and marriage, an elegant production for engaged couples, newlyweds, and those allready married that spans 10 different videos (as well as two bonus videos with special guests) and a downloadable discussion guide/workbook.


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  • How often should we be having sex?
  • How can we use sex to build our intimacy?
  • Are there biblical restrictions on what we can do in the bedroom?
  • What about physical or health restrictions?
  • What if one of us is uncomfortable with something the other one wants to try/do?
  • What about stuff like sexy lingerie, sex toys, and sexting – is that okay?
  • What should I do if my spouse doesn’t want to have sex with me?
  • What potential obstacles are there going to be in and out of the bedroom?
  • How do I get over my past?
  • We are getting married – what are some realistic expectations for sex?
  • How will my sexual past effect my marriage?
  • How can we keep sex fun and fulfilling?

 And those are just a few of the many topics that Best Sex Life Now covers.


Watch the course at home at your leisure. You can watch the videos repeatedly, either by yourself, with your spouse or fiancée, or in a small group. Each video is 10-15 minutes long, followed by some brief questions and discussion guides to help you and your fiancé.

Get ready for great sex in marriage. Now.

Fill out and discuss the workbook after each session.

Watch each of the 10 videos

Who’s it for?

Couples who are married, engaged or planning getting married and want to know the real truth about sex and marriage. Learn from two couples who have been married for over 15 years each.

"I’m still a virgin; what should I expect from sex?"

"Should Christians be having great sex?"

"How do we go from no sex to bad sex to good sex to great sex?"

“My fiancée and I really, really want to go for it right now; why should we wait until the wedding night?”

"What if the wedding night doesn’t live up to what we imagined? "

"Does sex fulfill the same needs for men and women?"

"How can we use sex to build our intimacy?"

“Is there more to sex than the actual sex? ”

"What’s the difference between sexual needs and sexual wants?"

"Should we focus on getting our own needs met or on meeting each others’ needs? "

"How will our strengthened intimacy show up in our sex life? "

“Are there biblical restrictions on what we can do in the bedroom?”

"What can what we do outside of the bedroom to build anticipation towards what happens inside of the bedroom?"

"What to do when your sex life goes wrong?"

"How can we use sex to build our intimacy?"

“Can withholding sex cause my spouse to turn to porn/masturbation?"

Wondering Who We Are?


I’m a pastor, writer, and the founder of StrongerMarriages.org, and I create marriage and family-building resources available online at DaveWillis.org.When my wife Ashley and I got married 13 years ago, navigating the complexities of a healthy sex life was something I just wasn’t prepared to handle. Our sex life is now one of the most fulfilling aspects of our marriage, but for years, it was a struggle……



I’m the founder of XXXchurch.com, X3watch accountability software and the recently launched iParent.tv, but my most important ministry is to Jeanette, my wife of 16 years. I’ve spent the last 15 years talking about sexual struggles and temptations all over the world and am the author of over 12 books. I’ve noticed that for some reason, we live in a world where it seems like the stereotype for married people and sex is that men need it and women don’t want to cough it up. I don’t know how that happened, but in my marriage, sex is a two-way street. It takes both of you to make it work and it is mutually beneficial for both parities.


what are people saying?

I am a Christian and have never heard any Christian speakers talk openly about sex like this. I wish more Christians would. These two couples do a great job of really sharing God’s plan for us to be having great sex.

Craig and Jeanette and Ashley and Dave are super easy to listen to and it feels like I just invited them over to my house for a simple chat. The series does a great job of tackling such a sensitive topic in normal, everyday language.

Why did we wait 20 years in our marriage to address this issue? Thanks for creating this product.

My spouse and I haven’t ever talked openly about our sex life and our expectations not being met. This series has allowed us to begin to have those talks.

I played one of the videos for my small group and you could hear a pin drop. I thought no one would come back the following back and to my surprise everyone was there and they were even early!

I am not religious but stumbled onto this series and am thankful I did. This has been so needed in my relationship and I am glad we are making steps to address our issues

I never realized how much my past experiences are affecting my current relationship and my subpar sex life. This course is helping my spouse and I be honest for the first time about my past.

My wife and I have never told anyone about the problems we have in the bedroom. We watched this series together and immediately didn’t feel alone anymore. The series helped us talk through our expectations and insecurities and was extremely difficult but so worth it and we have started to heal and have begun to have sex again.

I realized great sex doesn’t take a lot of effort and I started to really love it!

After watching this I realized a great sex life can be obtained and it starts with me shifting my thinking and making an effort.

Back in the day when I first got married, I wish I could have watched a video series on this topic!


Best Sex Life Now
  • 10 Video Lessons

  • Downloadable Workbook

  • 2 Bonus Videos

  • 10 Bonus Audio Files with both Couples

WAY TOO MUCHAverage total cost
  • Marriage Intensive
  • $3,000 

  • Weekend Conference
  • $400

  • Pre Marriage Counseling
  • $175 per hour 


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